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Why Are People Being Taken?

"It is for an insidious purpose." [1]

Some people think that these visitors are here to bring enlightenment to humanity." [2] This is a gross misunderstanding.

"Their ... blood, plasma, DNA, bone marrow, skin and body organs can be used for their chemical substances. ... These substances are valuable commodities in certain parts of the Greater Community.... In their attempt to breed a new leadership for humanity, a hybridized person, they need all of these biological resources that we are describing." [3]

The Travesty

"Each year thousands of people are taken and not returned to the world. These people are not simply conditioned. They are kept. Some of them perish in captivity. Some of them do not survive the process of their capturing. Some become sick and die."[3]

Common Elements in Reports

  • Telepathic communication
  • Instruction
  • Clothes awry on return
  • Intrusive medical probing and sampling
  • Being introduced to hybrid children sharing their own DNA
  • Assemblies or councils representing galactic networks
  • Jesus or angels
  • Family members across generations being taken
  • Missing time

What can one person do?

Assert your own sovereignty on Earth. [4] Refuse permission.
Learn to become strong and educated in the mental environment. [5]
Take the Steps to Knowledge.


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