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It is a worldwide phenomenon.

Timeline in the History of Alien Abduction on Earth

  • Antonio Villas Boas (Brazil), 1957
  • Betty and Barney Hill (US), 1961
  • Pascagoula case (US), 1973
  • Travis Wilson (US) 1975

Why Are People Being Taken?

"It is for an insidious purpose." [1]

  • To breed a new leadership for humanity for the future.
  • To be reconditioned, to be turned to support the plans and goals for the Extraterrestrials have for humanity, to assist their exploitation of the world's resources.[2]

"each year thousands of people are taken and not returned to the world. These people are not simply conditioned. They are kept. Some of them perish in captivity. Some of them do not survive the process of their capturing. Some become sick and die. Those that cannot survive and are still seen as useful to the Intervention are used as a biological resource. That means that their blood, their body parts, everything is used according to its value in the Greater Community. In the Greater Community, biological resources such as blood, plasma, DNA, bone marrow, skin and body organs can be used for their chemical substances. From these, medicines are made. From these, new life forms are bred. These substances are valuable commodities in certain parts of the Greater Community." [3]

What Are They Saying, the People Who Have Been Taken?

  • "Missing time"[4]
  • "Mind Control"
  • Being told they are special, like students to the extraterrestrial teacher bringing advanced spiritual insight for humanity to "ascend"
  • Clothes removed (returned but sloppily, backwards or wrong person's)
  • Medical (often reproductive) procedures
  • Giving up reproductive tissue
  • Visiting their hybrid offspring
  • Inter-galactic council meetings or angelic assemblies
  • Seeing and recognizing Jesus
  • Their own relatives also taken

Who Is at Risk of Being Taken?

"Certain people are chosen given their predispositions and their vulnerabilities. " [2] They may have been taken before or be vulnerable in other ways. Once they find they can resist, however, they are greatly empowered; the reclamation of personal sovereignty a welcome gift and a great accomplishment.

How Do We Avoid Being Taken?

Say No!
Become educated.
Assert human sovereignty on Earth.[5]
Refuse permission; forcefully deny access to your environment, mental and physical. (Say NO! We do not wish you to come!.)
Connect effectively with the ground of all being, your "true North," as found, e.g., in the Steps to Knowledge.
Learn to identify forces influencing human thought.


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